Canon Printer not printing

  • Is Canon Printer not printing background color?

    The Canon Printer doesn’t print Background color when it is disabled or you have selected the Grayscale Printing option. Firstly, you should check that you haven’t selected Grayscale printing option. You need to open the printer driver's Properties dialog box and choose Page Setup to click 'Printer Control'. Thereafter, select 'Print' on the File menu so that the Print dialog box gets appear. And then make sure that the printer you are using is selected and then choose 'Preferences' or 'Properties' for the printer. After that, click the Page Setup tab and then click the Stamp/Background button. And then specify the 'Background Printing' settings and select the right check box labeled 'Background' and select color according to your choice. For related issue, call the tech personalities at Canon Printer Customer Care Number for UK.