why are these fans going crazy?

  • The feedback has been nothing but negative with hundreds of thousands of dislikes on the YouTube trailers, Reddit forums exploding with negative feedback and claim that Diablo Immortal Gold has been deleting comments from the trailers, and even social media posts voicing outrage about the announcement. But why are these fans going crazy?

    A lot of people and close friends of mine have been defending Blizzard to a point where I had to sit and explain to them why this feedback has been so bad. So I thought I would write this instead for all those people out there that cannot understand why Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal announcement is now possibly the biggest disappointment of 2018.

    Keep in mind that I do not promote hate speech or defamation of Blizzard. While I do agree with the negative feedback, I am not promoting the hate speech and every complaint should be done on a professional level. People were behind the creation of the game and I am sure it was created with good intentions.

    First off, Diablo recently celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year. You will remember that Blizzard released the Necromancer DLC for Diablo 3 to celebrate. 20 years of a video game series could not have happened without the support and love from a passionate fan base and that is what has kept it going.

    We know Blizzard has the most hardcore of fans in the industry and most of them are PC gamers. So when the announcement of their favourite 20-year-old game series was not coming to their platform of choice, rather to a mobile device, of course, they would have freaked.

    Blizzard was basically telling them that they need to adopt a new gaming platform in order to play a Diablo game. Sure, one can argue the whole “Do you guys not have phones” debate, but as a hardcore gamer myself, I find mobile games shallow and I really only play Pokemon GO even though my iPhone X could deliver some pretty great gaming experiences. Most gamers don’t do mobile or only do mobile in rare cases. Blizzard should know that which leads us to the next point.

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