The next Rainbow Six Siege operator

  • The Hereford rework is supposed to arrive along with Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky, which Rainbow Six Siege Credits includes two new operators, including the defending team's first defense operator, Clash. The rework is large, with enormous expansions to every floor, a new historic aesthetic, and a good deal of fresh ways to traverse the map -- so expect a transformation of a similar scale for Kanal if it is indeed the next Siege map rework.

    While we've gotten some hints about the type of operators we could be expect in the future, there's not been any concrete info or leaks. Observing the current Siege-themed expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands, however, some fans are thinking that one of the upcoming operators will be right in front of us.

    The concept is that Nomad, Wildlands' protagonist, will soon be joining Team Rainbow in Season 3, and the reasoning isn't that far-fetched. Nomad's backstory shows that he was in Delta Force before getting a Ghost.

    This is somewhat strong proof, but lore-wise is a bit messy. If they were going to add Nomad, Official Website would not they just put him as a Ghost Recon member instead of his past at Delta Force? He could be introduced as a member of Rainbow in his days before Ghost Recon, but it's a stretch. Ubisoft enjoys to play with backstories that visit operators interacting with one another in their pasts, thus we can't rule it out entirely.