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    Ref. No: 148-NC-RO-GF-AB
    Case: Titanium,Round
    Diameter: 48.80 mm
    Glass: sapphire crystal
    Dial Openwork
    THICKNESS: 17.90 mm
    FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
    Strap: Alligator,Pin Buckle
    Movement: Manual Winding
    Size: men


    HYT H4 METROPOLIS - The beginning of more awesome and (hopefully) robot watches

    The robot is coming soon! Since Seiko pioneered the combination of the self-winding rotor mechanism, the world of watches and clocks has been polarized with piezoelectric quartz crystals as the timing components in the watches introduced in the 1986 Basel world. AGM (or automatic power generation system technology - now known as Kinetic) should provide the advantages of quartz without environmental impact on the battery. As a sound technology, several manufacturers such as ETA SA adopted the technology caliber (1996) and Citizen's Eco-Drive Duo (1998) in their Autoquartz. Unfortunately, feedback from real-life experiences of the technology is mixed, which widens the gap between enthusiasts and haters of mechanical-electronic systems. This has led to the disappearance of this technology, especially in Europe.hot RICHARD MILLE RM 052 skull cheap watches

    Since then, there has been no other important watch manufacturer to follow the integration of electromechanical systems other than Seiko. From a technical point of view, many interesting complications can be introduced that require some form of electrical input to operate. Unfortunately, due to the power of the advocates of the “mechanical watch should remain mechanical” movement, no significant progress has been made from Europe.

    In 2013, Urwerk introduced the EMC watch, which has an electronic module that can be used as a rate measuring tool. It is seen as a “breakthrough” by watch enthusiasts, but if Urwerk also decides to use the electronic module as a timing mechanism in the watch, I don't think you will get the same level of assessment for all enthusiasts. Maybe some form of paranoia?

    Now it is the turn of HYT to join this trend. The H4 Metropolis is a fairly large watch whose sole purpose is to be awesome. The main operation of this new watch is similar to the first H1-enabled watch with its unique liquid time indicator. However, the H4 is also equipped with a small generator to power the light source.wholesale BREMONT cheap watches

    This interesting complication is located between the 4 o'clock position and the 5 o'clock position and is manipulated by a large crown in the same position. By rotating the large crown, the generator converts mechanical power into electrical energy and saves it into a capacitor like a traditional bicycle generator. Pushing the crown releases the saved energy into the two LEDs, then illuminates the blue glow. The capacitor has enough energy to power the LED for about 5 seconds.

    As mentioned earlier, the size of the watch is a positive size. The watch measures 51 mm and has a thickness of 17.9 mm and is made of titanium. Only the bezel and the two rubber-coated spiral crowns have an additional black DLC coating. The crown sets the time and helps the winding movement.

    The HYT H4 Metropolis has a reference number of 512-TD-45-GF-RN and only 100 pieces will be produced for $94,000. For this investment, in addition to the unique lighting complex features, you can also get a HYT manual winding movement with a tempo of 4 Hz or 28,800 bph. The power reserve indicator on the dial shows up to 65 hours at 3 o'clock. Location, black rubber strap, integrated canvas with black DLC titanium folding clasp and sapphire crystal - front and back - enjoy the mechanism. The waterproof limit of the entire package is 50 meters.luxury DEVON cheap watches

    What is the judgment of watch lovers on this special arrangement? Positive feedback can be seen in the comments from this watch. However, questions about the feasibility of adding electrical inputs to mechanical watches can still be seen in the comments. Comment; "... I hope HYT will stress test the lighting system as much as possible..." or "The biggest 'taboo' in the generator light system is electronic..." In the deep fear of the unknown. This fear is so subtle that you can even see it in their sentence structure. For example, "... H4 Metropolis is equipped with a light source, but its source is purely mechanical..." - I can also say the same thing to my car battery because it is powered by AC Machine mechanical charging, or the power of my house is also mechanical, because it is produced by hydroelectric power plants. Why do you need to emphasize the word "mechanical"?

    Surprisingly, the same watch enthusiasts will also be impressed with the advantages of Casio's G-Shock or Citizen's Eco-Drive watch, because they know that there are few moving parts except large boards. There is no doubt about electronics and electricity. Why are such watches now acceptable? swiss cheap watches for sale

    I believe that the fundamental fear is death. If taken care, mechanical watches can theoretically last forever. Replacing old springs or worn gear with a 500-year-old watch is not difficult because you can make them using commercially available tools. However, replacing a circuit board with a 500-year-old quartz watch is another matter (hypothesis). Psychologically, buying a pure mechanical clock is like buying an immortal (for example, only watching Patek Philippe's advertising slogan).

    I personally feel that this fear is wrong. Yes, the LED will burn out, the coil on the generator needs to be replaced, and the capacitor will eventually need to be replaced. However, we are now living in a global village where components such as circuit boards have been standardized. We now have a 3-D printer. For 500 years, we should have a copy machine like Star Trek, you can make anything by telling the computer. Replace some worn items, even the board will not be a problem.

    Now let us enjoy the H4 Metropolis. It uses a unique way of liquid to indicate time and the unique way it produces light when you need it. All of this is packaged in a beautifully cased case that is highlighted on one's wrist. If money is not the object, I will be the first person to line up.Replica HYT H1 CIGAR 148-NC-RO-GF-AB watch