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  •  The single-plane we tested was an Edelbrock Super Victor for the Vortec head (PN 2913), and it provided the fattest horsepower numbers without sacrificing torque. GMPP offers a very similar single plane called the Eliminator (GM PN 12496822), and we'd expect similar results from it. The single timing chain performed well in our dyno tests, but if we were going to slide this bent-eight into our daily driver, we'd upgrade here. GMs hydraulic roller lifter design is simple and effective. We used the same lifters on the two different camshafts we tested, and the simplicity of the design combined with good quality makes this a part we like. The retainers cannot be reinstalled incorrectly. The new small-blocks also use a cam plate to keep the roller cam from walking forward in the block. This replaces the more traditional use of cheap cigarettes outlet a cam button, and this simple plate has got to be much cheaper to manufacture. The camshaft has to be machined for this, so if you get a new cam for a ZZ engine, make sure the cam grinder knows about it. Here are the intake gaskets we mentioned in the text. These outstanding units have seen upwards of 20 intakes, and are still sealing well. One set should last the life of your engine.Related Articles: Cigarette Wholesaler Price Marlboro Cigarettes Cheap Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Coupons Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping