Cigarettes discounts the Vortec

  • The combustion chambers are comparable in size, but vary slightly in design. The L98 head relies on a simple half-moon shaped chamber with the spark plug aimed in the general direction of the exhaust valve. The Vortec head gains more of a kidney bean shape, increasing quench, and has had some attention paid to the swirl characteristics of the incoming charge. You'll also note that the exhaust valve is less shrouded to aid in its ability to herd hot gases out of the cylinder. The Fast Burn head borrows much from Newport cigarettes discounts the Vortec, and with a slightly larger valve, and angled plug, and excellent efficiency characteristics. It excels as a street-friendly aluminum head. The dual-plane intake we used (top) carries GM PN 12464340, and provided solid performance numbers on both the Vortec and Fast Burn heads. Incorporating the simple eight-bolt Vortec design, intake swaps could not have been much easier. Related Articles: Cigarette Wholesaler Price Marlboro Cigarettes Cheap Cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Coupons Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping