The conference part of the festival

  • The conference part of the festival was over at that point. That's how hospitable Austin people are.

    I heard stories I can never repeat, inside gossip I never thought I'd hear. The awful stumbling blocks and aimless driving or walking around, trying to clear a path through your story. I wrote notes on the back of business cards, keeping track of the people I met. 84 people in four days. Some big names, some total rookies, but a great group of talkers.

    My last night was Monday. Someone looked sheepish and said, "Where I'm from, people often think I'm a bit weird - because I spend so much time writing and get annoyed when my script isn't going well. But four days a year, I get to spend time with people just like me". That's what a festival like Austin is all about. And that's why I'll be going back next year.


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