7 Tips to crack the CA CPT exams

  • A lot of candidates appear for the CA CPT exam, hardly a lot clear it
    at the first time. The most important thing to clear CA CPT Exam is
    proper dedication and precision in your study. Just mugging up the
    theoretical part won't do you any good. The application and time
    management is also important.
    Following are 7 tips that will help you crack the CA CPT exam.
    1. The most crucial thing is that you will have to get at least 30
    percent on every subject that you appear for. You cannot
    afford to miss out these marks in any subject.

    2. Make sure to be thorough about the mercantile law. Don't skip
    out on any of the laws, definitions and any topics. The contract
    act is crucial here because the mercantile law is the only
    important subject after accounting, in which you can score.

    3. For the CPT exam, accountancy is a scoring exam. If you are
    good at accounting then your chances of cracking the CPT also
    increase. So here a practical tip would be that, before you start
    the revision of sums and chapters, make sure to look through
    the mock test paper of previous years and also IPCC test
    papers. It is important to prepare for diligently and refer to
    mock test papers by various publications.
    4. First, focus on macroeconomics and then move on to the
    microeconomics. Questions from macroeconomics provide
    good scope for scoring.

    5. Quantitative attitude is important as well. In mathematics, it
    will be great if you first do all the easy sums first and later move
    on to the complicated ones. Integration and differentiation are
    also important in statics, are widely asked in IPCC test papers.

    6. If you are well prepared for the exam your priority is not only
    getting the right answers but also scoring maximum marks in
    given time frame. Mock test paper are highly beneficial in this
    arena as they focus on the time management and attitude
    towards your ranking. It gives you a proper introspection of the

    7. Confidence is the key to scoring high. In order to help you boost
    your confidence, you can opt for the confidence-based
    learning. In the confidence-based learning, is based on
    computerized rations of the syllabus to boost your confidence.
    So your knowledge will not depend on your guesswork, but you
    will be confident about you answers.

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