Spanish Transcription

  • A recent survey reveals that about 38 million individuals in the US alone speak Spanish at their home, school, place of work and play. There are more than 11 million households that are home to Latinos, who regularly watch television. In addition, the books that are written in Spanish amount to over a $350 million while there are some 37 daily and 385 weekly newspapers that are targeted towards Spanish-speaking customers. Spanish transcription makes it less of a hassle to take an audio recording in Spanish and transcribe it as a text document in the same language.
    A lot of Latinos can benefit from Spanish Transcription Services. Since you get a written copy of your audio recording, it is simpler and more convenient to find passages in your interviews or research. This is a major advantage when it comes to preparing a text in Spanish that you need to translate. You no longer need to spend time and effort in rewinding and listening since the text is readily available, right in front of you.
    There are companies that specialize in Spanish transcription. The Spanish language comes in a wide range of dialects that are specific to a particular region, city and country. So, it is best to hire the services of a Spanish transcriptionist that covers all types of dialects no matter where you live, whether you are from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean or South America. Above all, you should choose a company, which you can trust with your information.