Neverwinter throws you onto a very narrow story

  • The free-to-play MMO space isn’t the sparsely populated space it one was. There are a number of games which were previously attached to the pay monthly model that made the transition once their subscribership began to drop. The number of purpose-made free-to-play games has increased, too, making Neverwinter, not the unique proposition it once was. That said, the game is well supported, and has a notably generous free-to-play model that lets you get on with the adventuring without delving too deeply into your pockets.


    Even with that in mind, though, Neverwinter is hard to recommend. All the free content in the world won’t help if you don’t actually enjoy to spending time in game world. The combat is fun, but its effect is temporary: it wasn’t long before the entertaining fights had stopped glossing over the game many shortcomings. It was the linearity that stung me most of all, with the repetitive walks from one end of a dungeon to the other doing nothing to make me want to sink more time into Neverwinter.


    When you see the enemies, the areas, and the vast differences in the various environments in Neverwinter you get the sense of things being tied together, even when you move from the top of a frozen mountain to the depths of a chasm in the city. This is something that some MMO miss which can really make moving between areas jolting. Thankfully the team for Neverwinter hit the mark and each area you visit fit in well with the whole.


    The graphics are quite pretty and use the latest technology, so crank up your video settings so you can get the most out of Neverwinter. Then make sure to really check out the environments you play through as they will have many little gems to discover. One thing I found interesting is that Neverwinter throws you onto a very narrow story, and areas you work through are small compared to other MMO. However, they do not feel small, they feel grand in scale and give you the sense of playing in a much larger area that you really are.


    Given that Neverwinter is now on all three major gaming platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC, some of the commenters on the PlayStation Blog asked about cross-platform compatibility. One of the new things that have been cropping up more and more often these days is discussion about cross-platform playability. Psyonix has been talking a lot about bringing cross-platforom playability to Rocket League, making it possible for Xbox One and PC users to play together and for PS4 and PC users to play against each other. The patch for Xbox One and PS4 users to play together is still stuck in limbo, though. More information is on where you can buy Cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds.