Like everything in Path of Exile

  • What I really like about this build is how it comes together as time passes. As you level, you are going to begin to grab nodes around the passive skill tree which raise your flame damage. Every one provides such a raw boost to your harm that it is intoxicating if you unlock one. By level 50, you'll feel as Hephaestus, God of Fire,poe currency buy and the entire world is yours to burn off.

    There are some downsides: because Scorcing Ray is a channelled assault, positioning is crucial and some boss fights will require continuously moving around to avoid damage. That can get really annoying sometimes.

    Engineering Eternity's build manual is the one to see, especially if you're brand new, since he breaks down how to level the personality (something a lot of construct guides skip).

    Youtuber LiftingNerdBro's take on the Frostbolt Totem Hierophant is an excellent build if you're brand new to Path of Exile. As it depends largely on spells which scale with your degree, you don't need to fret about min-maxing your equipment--actually you are able to play fairly deep in to endPOE game without any of the suggest cheap poe rmt unique items.

    Totem builds aren't for everyone, as they are a very passive offensive fashion that relies on putting totems that cast spells for you while you focus on moving around and dodging any deadly attacks. Nevertheless, if you love the notion of being the last boss in a bullet hell arcade shooter, this construct rocks because your totems pay the area in strands of frost that tear through enemies easily.