influence the results of WoW Classic

  • I found myself agreeing with some things and disagreeing with other people and its great to see the other perspective on things. Personally I am more of a #nochanges individual however what I want to see in the long run is just community run servers in which folks can lawfully create their own articles (as long as your sub is wow classic gold) for others to enjoy ( probably will never happen tho).

    Just found your station and enjoying it. Husband and I had been questing in Un'Goro Crater. Still another undead rogue comes up to us and in /say inquires,"Hey, how can you get two daggers?" Come to learn this guy had leveled all of the way to 55 without going to the rogue trainer. Ever. So this man had somehow made it to level 55 using one dagger, auto strikes, position 1 eviscerate, position 1 sinister strike, and cannibalize. No double wield, no parrying. Dude did not even know how to talk in conversation, trade items, or set up. Man, what dedication, although we got him sorted out. That's the type of game vanilla .

    WoW Classic will likely be a fresh experience for most, and talking from personal experience having played the sport since day 1 in 2004 to 2006 and raiding hardcore recently on Nost and Light's Hope, individuals will be using a burst for at least 6 weeks to a year (this is with all the answers supplied you to, thanks to WoW Classic, youtube, addons, etc). For whatever reasons (I could give a few), after AQ starts, the allure on private servers seem to decrease, however buy wow private server gold on official WoW Classic there will be streamers and communities which would probably keep the momentum comparatively high.

    It's my hope at this point, most folks will realize the wonderful areas of vanilla and how it can be utilized as a formula for games that are new and content, from others or Blizzard. The initial method of expanding Vanilla (BC) was possibly misguided, making incorrect presuppositions regarding exactly what needed improving upon to'make the game better'.