Year's game hasn't been FIFA 20 Coins

  • Though this year's game hasn't been FIFA 20 Coins disclosed, programmer EA has shared some of FIFA 20's gameplay enhancements. Top of this list is AI currently defending, with a emphasis and incentive placed on manual as opposed to letting the computer shield for you.

    Among those ways EA intends to do so is by increasing the likelihood a manual handle will propel the ball to a teammate. Automatic defending will determine its overall efficacy reduced and response times slowed.

    Shooting is also being revamped, with attackers given greater precision during situations that are simple, like being clean throughout from the'keeper. Goalkeepers' response times will be reduced in buy FIFA Coins 20 these situations to resolve the occasionally"superhuman" responses players complained of.

    Furthermore, the time window for green shots has been reduced to two frames for most shots, and they will also be"less precise." EA did, however, reassure players that green timed shots will"be more precise than non-timed shots."