Chocolate Truffle Cake Tempting Tapestry

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    Chocolate is often termed as a key to happiness as it gives a sense of contentment to the individual who consumes it. This irresistible food item is available in a variety of ways such as chocolate bars, chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes, chocolate dipped dry fruits and other such variants. A chocolate is not just good for your taste buds, it is also good for heart and mind. Do you know why do you feel so happy while gorging down on a heart shaped chocolate cake or any other chocolate cake? This is because the yummy chocolate cake contains different compounds found in chocolate that can lower your bad cholesterol, improves your mood by secreting happy hormones and is full of antioxidants.

    “For some there is therapy, for the rest of us there is CHOCOLATE.”



    Ever wondered where do chocolate truffles get their name from? Well, “truffle” is derived from a LATIN word meaning “Lump”. Truffles are named after the mushrooms with the similar name because of the striking resemblance they share. The first chocolates were made in a crude way to look like the lumps... truffle lumps: originally called Truffles Chocolate referencing the look and what these truffles are made of: chocolate.

    The classic truffle cake comes with a simple dusting of cocoa powder. With culinary advancements and boundless ideas, birdy’s baker and patisseries have taken the truffle cake toa whole new level. Some are covered in chocolate flakes while others are covered in chocolate sprinkles. They also come coated with either a chocolate glaze or chocolate fondant.

    Truffles have become a favorite for almost all chocolate lovers.



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