Liverpool have the chance to win the Champions League

  • This Friday, the situation in the quarter-finals of FIFA Coins the Champions League will be announced. Liverpool Prime Minister John Aldridge is obviously confident in the strength of the old club. He said that the Red team's superior offensive firepower means that they are opponents that the other quarter-finals of the Champions League did not want to encounter.

    Liverpool took Porto 5-0 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals and eventually reached the quarter-finals. In eight Champions League matches, this team led a total of 28 goals under Klopp's lead, ranking first among the Champions League teams. They beat Maribor and Moscow Sparta 7-0 in the group stage. John Aldridge, who played for Liverpool in the era of the players, was confident in his attack on the old club.

    He said: "When we are in good shape, we are a very destructive team. Look at Maribor - people say they are a very bad team, but we are the only one to defeat on the road Their team (Maribor had equalized Sevilla and Moscow Sparta at home) and scored a seven-goal victory. Moscow Sparta, people said that the game was easy but there was no other ball The team won them with such a disappointing score, and with Porto, we performed well in the first leg of the eighth-finals."

    "Liverpool was able to beat them by a big score not because they were bad, but because our offensive game performed well. If our frontcourt players can play as good as they did in Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, these teams We are all very open at the same time. At the same time we have good luck and good defense, so we can beat them."

    "These teams know this, so they have to change tactics? They may, if they do, it proves how good we are. No team wants to be in the quarterfinals. We met with us, this is a fact."

    In addition, Aldridge also believes that, whether Liverpool is the first in the quarter-finals or after the owner, Anfield will become their huge advantage. He said: "With the two rounds of Porto, we have done very well in the case of the former guest. We finally locked the victory at home, our home advantage has not been reflected, it is important to ensure that we advance to the next round. ”

    "But once the quarter-finals begin, then home will become important. You will see Anfield bring a slight change to the quarterfinals. No matter who our opponent is, our home court will play an important role. I once witnessed some players feeling frightened after hearing cheers at Anfield. The atmosphere here scared them and gave us some advantages."