Boateng Bayern mistakes and fouls are stupid

  • In the Champions League game that ended early  FIFA Coins this morning, Bayern Munich defeated Besiktas 3-1 away in the away game. Bayern Munich passed to mistake in passing the defender's pass and lost the ball. After the game, Bayern Zhongwei Boateng also talked about this goal.

    Boateng said after the game: "We made stupid mistakes and fouls.Of course, my yellow card was better than Humers's second yellow card.We had too much senseless to lose the ball in the game.We knew we must be serious.Treats. We must make progress in the Champions League, and now we will use another opponent. "

    Turning to Bayern's coaching change, Boateng said: "This is why we are focused on the game. The coach's job is excellent and we have a great goal together. Now we do not need to talk about coaching. Because now is only the middle of the season. "