The pony bears a lot of ideas

  • After a terrible 2017 season, the Indianapolis Colts received a valuable probe. Fortunately, because the Colts have the talented quarterback Andrew Luck, they can use this third overall pick to NFL Coins pick players from other positions. Of course, in the quarterback's big year, they can also sit down. , and other teams need to quarterback trading, in order to get more and better draft picks, in short, the Colts team can be very flexible to use this probe.

    The Colts General Manager Chris Ballard revealed to the outside world in the near future that the team will always be open to expedition signing and leave the phone to the last moment of the draft. He hopes that there will be a "smart" general manager making orders. Conditions that people cannot refuse to take the flowers in hand. "I believe we will receive a phone call before the last minute of the NBA Draft. Of course, we have also learned about this year's draft and determined which players we need."

    The team that wants the Colts’ No. 3 pick includes any team in the league that is looking for quarterbacks, although the free market is still filled with things like Cork Cousins and Sam Bradford. Good quarterbacks like Germany, Keith Keenan and Teddy-Bridgewater, but like the Denver Broncos (sign 5) or the New York Jets (6-round pick), once they miss the opportunity in the free market, then Undoubtedly, they will continue to look for goals in the NBA Draft. By then, the No. 3 pick in the pony team will become a scramble for the teams.