NHL and EA organize championship

  • NHL announced yesterday that it will cooperate with NHL Coins EA sports to host the first NHL18 game world championship. The competition will start from March 27 and will almost certainly win the championship with Stanley Cup in June.

    Since 2017, the NHL has been able to continue its actions, radically stepping out of its homeland and expanding its military presence. If it weren’t for the Seattle Keys that needed to be refurbished, we could already see 32 NFL teams this season. Now the NHL is actively embracing e-sports.

    Take a look at the status of EA sports as one of the giants of the game industry. EA's position in the field of sports games is similar to that of the NHL in the field of ice hockey. The two cooperations are also consensual. NHL's approach is also under way with EA, and EA has also been actively working on its gaming competition in recent years. In the field of sports games, the development of the FIFA series of electric games has already matured. ESPN, who did not have the Super Bowl copyright, had chosen to broadcast the FIFA e-sports tournament on Super Bowl Day. The NFL game Madden NFL has vigorously entered the field of e-sports since 2016 and the current development is also in the ascendant. In addition to the poor sales due to quality issues, the NBA live series and the unauthorized MLB cannot be launched. EA's current sports game e-battle can be described as full bloom.