NFL legendary cornerback officially retired

  • Cornerback Antonio - Cromarty after experiencing 11 NFL season, finally announced the official retirement on Monday in the United States. The legendary cornerback NFL Coins announced the news on his social network. He thanked each of the teams he played for: the Los Angeles Lightning, the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals.

    "Today is the day I always have to face, but I really do not want to accept this day, I have played 27 years of football, today finally came to goodbye to me, thank God let me play in the NFL for 11 years, After numerous prayers and deliberations, I chose to retire and I thank my coaches and team-mates, and I thank my agent for the Lightning Team and Lightning fans who had played for me and for giving me access to the NFL I thank you very much for the New York Jets, the jets New York Jets are the greatest NFL team, you let me Growing up to be a player and a leader, I thank my wife, Trica for my support, and I thank everyone. "

    The 33-year-old Croweti has never appeared on the NFL's side after being cut by the Indianapolis Colts on October 4, 2016. Throughout his career, Crowe can call him one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, he has been featured in four All-Star career victories and the best first team in an NFL season, and has also completed the NFL history Long distance return touchdowns, it was against the Minnesota Vikings in 2007, when he received the Vikings kick kick to complete the 109 yards of the return touchdowns.

    Crowthorne was selected by the Lightning Team at the 19th overall pick of the 2006 NBA Draft, and spent the first four seasons in the Lightning team, helping the Lightning team reach the playoffs for four consecutive years before joining the club New York Jets and helped the jets to phase out the New England Patriots to make the 2010 FINA success.

    He joined the Arizona Cardinals in 2014 and returned to the New York Jets in 2015. In 2016 he joined the Indianapolis Colts for a total of 31 transcripts and 120 passes during his career The ball is defensive, making two out of the ball and 420 tackles, the cornerback defender should be selected after the NFL Hall of Fame.