The Cowboys Season Sacks are labeled as Privileged Labels

  • Dallas Cowboys used a privileged label on their Pro Bowl Madden Coins defensive end after failing to reach a long-term contract with DeMarcus Lawrence, which will ensure he can get around $ 17 million in 2018 .

    The U.S. official announced the news this Monday at 4 o'clock on the US East Coast, 24 hours before the deadline for the use of privileged labels. And Lawrence himself in the official release of the news, he used Twitter to express the joy.

    Lawrence finished his career best played so far this 2017 season with his 13.5 assaults leading the pack and his first "career bowl". His number tied to second in the series of sacks, but also following the 2011 season, DeMarcus - Vail (19 times), the highest number of single-season Cowboys sacks.

    The Cowboys can choose to negotiate a long-term contract with Lawrence until 4 pm ET on July 15, or have him run the franchise label for the next season.