Former Cologne head Schartker

  • Schmac was no longer Cologne's director at the end of FIFA Coins last year, and German media reported that Schumacher was interested in Bundesliga Hamburg and the Wolfsburg club. Neither Wolfenstein's head RBB nor Hamburg's head Todd's work can satisfy their teams.

    However, in a recent interview, Schmitt said there was no connection with the two clubs. "There is no connection and no one has so far looked for me."

    Schumacher also said he is ready to start a new mission. "I can imagine starting a new job, I did not feel exhausted or emptied."

    Atletico to save Geliziman and others reduce the size of the line to save money
    In order to keep Geliziman, Oblak and other players, Atletico are looking for ways to tighten the money supply, reduce the size of the lineup to ensure that the current core lineup.

    Atletico Madrid this winter sent away Carrasco, Gaitan, Augusto and Moya and other players, the current first team registration number has less than 20 people, is La Liga's current line-up one of the most weakest team.

    However, according to "Aspen" news, all this is part of Atletico's overall operating strategy, in order to retain Gelizman, Oblak and other core players, Atletico is by reducing the size of the lineup, reduces unnecessary expenses, To keep the most important players in the array.