Seahawks quarterback Wilson will report to participate

  • Russell Wilson will report to the team.

    Remember the Seattle Seahawks quarterback traded to  NFL Coins New York Yankees two weeks ago by the Texas Rangers? Now Wilson's baseball career is about to start a new chapter, I said on Thursday I intends to report to participate in Monday's Yankee Spring Training. Yankee will play Philly Philadelphia on Monday.

    Provide some background information: In 2007, Wilson, who just left high school, was selected by Baltimore Orioles in the 41st round of MLB draft. He refused to join the Orioles and chose to go to North Carolina State University. In 2010, I was selected by Colorado Rocky in the fourth round of the draft and did spend two seasons in Rocky's farm, but in the end he chose rugby.

    With Yankee Spring Training already started a week and having taken a group photo, Wilson decided to register so that people would feel there were many questions. Wilson is actually invited to participate in training, or is he just going to take a cue? Does Wilson really think he's workshop than Yankee team-mate? Should his teammates feel worried?

    Finally, if Yankees really won the World Series in 2018, would Wilson get the ring?