Snyder Selflessness is one of the best places on this team

  • The Jazz beat the Spurs 101-99 in today's race after  NBA Live Coins the head coach Quinn-Snyder was interviewed.

    During the game, Snyder coach asked Rudy - Goebel to return to court or not, Gobert told Snyder, so Derek - Phevos at the crucial moment to remain on the court.

    "I asked Goebel if he wanted to, and he said that Phevos should continue." His deserving act was commendable, "I knew he wanted to play, but I put the team ahead of himself and he did it tonight." Snyder said.

    Snyder said: "Selflessness is one of the best places on this team."

    In an interview after the game, Phevos said he is grateful to Goebbels for allowing him to remain on the court. I have said the selflessness is widespread in the team. Phevos said they are willing to do such things for each other. .

    Jazz teenager Royce - O'Neal said in an interview, Snyder was very satisfied with his calm, did not eat sloppy action.

    The campaign, Phevos debut 25 minutes, 19 points and 7 rebounds; Gobert debut 31 minutes, 10 points and 12 rebounds and 2 assists; O'Neal debut 38 minutes, 8 points and 3 rebounds.