Downs talk about home win fans support us

  • Timberwolves beat the Kings 111-106 in today's race. After the match, Timberwolves center Carl Antony Downs was interviewed by field reporters.

    When asked how he could find a way to crush the King at  NBA MT Coins a crucial time, Downs said: "We made a few key goals, defensively blocked the opponent, and the win was good." For us, the most important thing was Defensive. "

    "We worked hard to get some casual vacancies, we did a good job of attacking the rim, we still got free throws, we got some easy scoring opportunities and we did a good job here, and Jamal dropped some key shots And of course Jimmy and Andrew, Jeff, "said Downes.

    Turning to the home victory, Downs said: "They gave us the energy we needed to help us beat any team and when we played at home we felt we could beat them no matter who we faced, there are fans who support us and everything is possible. "

    Downs debut 37 minutes today, 17 voted 10 to get 29 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.