Kee on the best North London Derby 11 people

  • Of the best 11 North London derbyists selected  FIFA Coins by Arsenal Martin Buchanon, only four are Arsenal players.

    Keon discharged to 4-2-3-1 formation, although the Ao Ba Meiyang is the Bundesliga Golden Boot, but in the center of the lost competition to Harry - Kane. As for Arsenal, only Kosherny, Monreal, Ozil and Makhtaliton have entered the list of 11 people.

    Asked who Tottenham is most at risk, Keon said: "Eriksson is a really important player, he's a great guy and this week may be the player who decides the outcome of the game People say Arsenal should be careful Well, Ali, but once given to Erickson space, it will be fatal, and Eriksen is a slower player, but this season I have reached new heights. "