Cole talked about defeat lack of discipline and concentration

  • In today's game, the Warriors 106-125 to LOLGA the Clippers. After the game, Warriors coach Steve - Kohl interviewed the media talked about the defeat.

    "We're in a bad state of mind today and not in the right place," Cole said. "We're not good enough, but they do a good job. The Clippers may be insulted because we're on the road to Clay Thompson. And Stephen Curry is also injured, it changed the game, they hurt us, they deserve everything they have because of their mental state and energy are good, I think this game at the beginning of the third quarter It's my responsibility to be a coach, and I have to be prepared before the match for different opponents. It was a bad night because we lacked energy - in fact, we had negative energy and I rarely saw this team in the last few years. "

    When it comes to Kevin Durant, who gets 40 points today, Cole said: "This is probably the highlight of today's game. He looks healthy."

    Speaking of a 50-point Clippers defender, Louise Williams, Cole said: "He was so skillful that when he found his hand he would be in big trouble and I think our problem is that in the first half there was Few people feel that we are too lazy to prevent him, but we know that this guy in the past few weeks averaged 30 points, so our concentration is not enough .When we let such players find the touch, he can by virtue of himself We won the game before the game, and again, we are not strong enough on the defensive end and the details are not handled well enough that they lack Blake Griffin and Danilo Gallinari I think they played very well.

    "We should try to get Williams out of some of his good positions and directions, and we're not good enough in this area. And we've been fouled him many times, not just for him, for a lot of people we foul, I have I can not remember how many fouls we had in the third quarter when foul shots occurred when the other side left the game seven and a half minutes before that time and despite the fact that the first five fouls of our day The first four free throws, but that upset the pace of the game, which is the reason the game changed.