Atkinson I have been a referee too

  • Nets lost 113-114 at home to LOLGA  the Raptors today, after the game, the Nets coach Kenny Atkinson also talked about the referee's penalty.

    Last overtime today overtime, the Nets guard Spencer - Ding Weididi suddenly dropped to the basket before falling to the basket, but failed to hit. When he got up from the ground he said to the camera at the bottom: "Look, this is what I said."

    Atkinson said after the match, "Spencer talked about his view of the penalty, he felt the team did not get due respect. This has been brought into the locker room, broke out, this feeling has always been there "

    Atkinson continues: "... I have the greatest respect for these guys and I think their job is well done, and I think it is the hardest game in the world. I've also been a judge of youth basketball games At that time, some parents shouted at me.I know how hard this job is.This is a hard job. "

    Nets recently suffered a two-game losing streak, January 11 Nets will be at home against the Pistons.