Industry demand to promote the rapid development of ultrafine g

  • Our company's ultrafine mill is one of the most commonly used equipment in mine milling machines. Its advanced ultrafine grinding process is a microcosm of the research, development and manufacture of ultrafine mill today. It is also used for industrial development and non-metallic mines The development provided excellent equipment support to improve social and economic benefits to meet the needs of the national economy for special energy sources and raw materials. However, China's ultrafine grinding industry and foreign superfine grinding machine there are still many gaps, we need to work hard to innovation, to catch up.

    Under the guidance of the national preferential policies, the superfine grinding machine industry has a good development trend, and has become a traditional and brand new business areas. Based on the traditional three-ring / four-ring mill, our company organizes scientific research to greatly increase the output and the fineness of the ultrafine mill. For example, the new generation of T130X enhanced ultrafine mill, To the extent possible to meet the urgent needs of customers for high-yield ultra-fine milling equipment.

    In recent years, the rapid economic development in our country has greatly increased the demand for ultra-fine powder in industry, which has greatly stimulated the development of China's ultra-fine grinding industry. Many companies have turned their attention to the ultrafine powder processing industry, and the state machinery has been focused on the field of ultrafine powder grinding equipment over the years, after years of development and exploration, and gradually formed a perfect ultrafine mill production system.