Portable Crusher Station

  • As science and technology of China continuously develops and progresses, mobile construction plant enters the mode of ecological environmental protection, thus getting sustainable development. Zenith mobile crushing station picks up all the garbage and explains new economic development mode, which turns garbage into environmentally friendly bricks of economic construction, thus promoting the economic development as well as protecting ecological environment. National economy can be developed sustainably on the premise of protecting environment.

    After having been put into use, Construction Waste Crusher can crush stone and other wastes in construction projects into certain specifications and make them become renewable building materials that meet environmental protection requirements promotes development of national economy to a certain extent, which is broadly used in road, railway, construction and other industries. Mobile crushing station of Zenith Machinery has light weight and strong maneuverability because it is based on unit. Within the unit, equipment is highly integrated and very compact, which can save space and weight greatly. And in different units, mobile crushing station has independent mobile chassis, thus making it flexibly move and freely travel within sites and on the road.

    In addition to disposal and recycling use of construction waste, mobile construction station also can be widely in construction of road and bridge, open-air coal mining, iron ore crushing and other fields, which is of high automation degree, convenient operation and small footprint, and which greatly satisfies market demand and is well received and favored by various customers. After reasonable design, mobile crushing station has realized the integration of crushing and screening equipment, which can achieve integrated and mobile operation by means of vehicle-mounted system or crawler driving system, thus flexibly selecting construction plants, timely processing materials, greatly reducing transportation cost and improving production efficiency. There is no secondary pollution in materials processing process of mobile crushing station, thus realizing zero pollution and emission and truly protecting environment.