Original Power Source for Fast Development

  • Never ceasing to innovate is the original power source for Machinery to maintain fast development. During the past more than 15 years of development course, Machinery insists on independent innovation, constantly increases the investment in science and technology, makes great efforts to develop technical innovation and differentiation strategy and increases the scientific and technological content of the products in order to better serve the customers and spare no effort to build the brand. As a result, our company realizes that the product export rate accounts for more than 30% of the market shares of the Chinese market and -made products have been exported to almost all over the world.

    When the manufacturing companies are expanding, the society constantly appeals that the Ore Milling Equipment companies should keep up with the time and expand with innovation, and at the same time, the social responsibility of the companies is also becoming stronger and stronger. China is the only one building market in the whole world oriented by the basic crusher segment markets, and our new C series products are perfect supplement for the existing product combinations. Since the C series products adopt triangle box design, this series of equipment will significantly improve th performance efficiency of the basic crusher segment markets, which will make our products better satisfy the specific requirements of the Chinese market.

    The development history of jaw crusher dated to the 1850s, and it is a long period of time since the research and development of the first jaw crusher in the world. With the continuous development of the productive forces, jaw crusher cannot satisfy the technical requirement of crushing, for this reason, on the basis of jaw crusher, our company designed impact crusher.