Tooth of Roller Crusher

  • Ore Milling Equipment is a kind of machine that makes use of extrusion force and grinding shear generated by relative rotation of two sets of separately driving roller shaft, which can be used to crush the hard and medium hard ores and rocks in ore beneficiation, chemical, cement, refractory materials and building materials. In the working process of double roller crusher, roller tooth is the key wear parts. This article mainly introduces the response measures of the wear phenomena of roller teeth.

    1. Increase the hardness of the roller teeth.

    In order to increase the hardness of the roller teeth, we can weld the surface of the roller teeth so as to make the hardness of the tooth surface reach more than HRC58.

    2. Weld the surface of the roller tooth.

    The material of the roller teeth is high manganese steel that has poor welding performance. So, there are strict requirements on the electrode material selection and technical content of the welding construction. After having selected proper wear-resistant welding rod, we can weld the surface of the roller teeth. For high roller tooth, we adopt 5 mm transition layer and 15 mm wear layer. While for low roller tooth, we use 2 mm ~ 5 mm repair.

    3. Rationally distribute the high and low roller tooth.

    Due to the non-normal wear of roller tooth, all teeth are ground into same height that cannot distinguish the originally specific location of the high roller tooth and low roller tooth. We can formulate distributed approach according to the number of the high and low roller teeth and the arrangement principle. Besides, we also can well mark the high roller tooth so as to accurately construct.