The Thunder lost to Trail Blazers for the third time this seaso

  • The fourth quarter, the first 19 seconds, received Rubio's pass, Jerebuko third long shot succeeded. The first 1 minute 7 seconds, Phevos foul shot in Rabiesi, gave the king a free throw. 9 minutes and 31 seconds, Rubio appeared pass errors, was Fox steals. The game ended, the Jazz beat the king 98-91 to seal the victory.


    The Thunder lost to Trail Blazers for the third time this season. Because of NBA Live Coins this game defeat, the Thunder record of 37 wins and 28 losses, just because win more than two balls before the Nuggets in the west of the eighth, the difference between them and the pioneers also widened to 1 game, if the playoffs tomorrow, Thunder playoff first round opponent will be the Warriors.


    Trail Blazers has always been the winner of the Thunder, Lillard and Nurkic pick-and-roll offensive thunder impossible to guard against, and each encounter the Thunder, Blazers will be able to come up with outstanding performance of the game, the season before the two hands-on Thunder performance is not outstanding, but the Blazers took away the victory of these two games.