In all competitions held so far this season

  • In all competitions held so far this season, Marshall played a total of 38 times, he has scored 11 goals for Manchester United, in addition to seven assists and teammates score experience, there is no doubt that the French striker has Mourinho has become under the command of a very important piece. At present, the work contract signed by Marshall and Manchester United will expire on June 30, 2019. However, up till now, the young man still has no renewed contract with Red Devils. Although Manchester United side hand automatically extend the right to extend the year contract, but taking into Madden Coins account the excellent performance of this season Mashart, Old Trafford delay in the completion of the contract with the reality that it is indeed a lot of people understand the outside world.


    In fact, as early as last December, Marshal's agent had already had a top-level exchange and communication with Manchester United, after which it was generally believed that the Red Devils will soon give the young man a new job contract. However, until now, Marshal still has not received any contract text from the Manchester United Club. According to RMC Radio, "The Red Devils treated him and shocked the young man because he thought he could not get it Club high enough recognition, and has therefore begun to carefully consider the future of personal career. "