Mike lost his hand sliding ball

  • Ease battles, 2 minutes and 33 seconds, Turner foul on Canter shot, give the Knicks 2 free throws. 3 minutes 8 seconds, Mike lost his hand sliding ball, was steal Oladie wave. The first 3 minutes 16 seconds, received Oladipo's pass, Thaddeus - Young three-point shot succeeded. Pacers play smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 8 assists, of  NBA MT Coins which Oladipo one teammate sent out 3 passes. Three finished, this section rated at 94-84, Walker temporarily lead.


    The fourth quarter, 2 minutes and 47 seconds, Stephenson passing mistakes, Knight steals. The first two minutes and 56 seconds, Joe - Young foul on O'Quinn shot, give the Knicks a free throw. The first 3 minutes 23 seconds, Moodier received the ball, O'Quyre third shot far succeeded. Pacers inside a huge advantage, this section grabbed a total of 16 rebounds, including seven offensive rebounds, including Sabonis who contributed 5 rebounds, with the advantages of the basket made 8 points lead. Knicks frequency soared thirds, the team voted 10 three-pointers in this section, but the hit rate was only 30.00%. The game ended, the Pacers beat the Knicks 121-113, made the game victory.