With a large percentage behind the locker room back

  • The long pass also let the saint coach Sean - Payton in the face of media after the game complacent, "the long pass is entirely from Drew for the game great reading and the ability to Madden 18 Coins determine the spot, you can Taking a closer look at the video playback, Drew quickly moved to the right for the first time and found Jean behind the line of defense. He made this great pass. "In addition to a delightful shot, the first half A quarterback rating of 151.4 and a never-ending number tell us that the 38-year-old quarterback is the dominant player in the first half, a perfect illustration of what the offensive core is.


    With a large percentage behind the locker room back, Carolina Panthers coach Rivera can think of the only chance to change the game is to find ways to limit the Drew - Brisbane's play in the post-match press conference, He disclosed how to limit his secrets, that is, cut off the right arm of Brees. "We changed our strategy and we increased our physical contact and confrontation with their overchargers, undermining their quick pass." Rivera said, but the marshal, who had just been awarded a contract extension, admitted that defensive team Brisbane How difficult it is, "but when he has the time to pass, he can find the player in the air, and unfortunately, he can always do it, even if he gives him a little bit more time Sent to a more favorable position, these long passes hurt us deeply. "And the second half stalemate At a crucial moment of the 5-point gap, Breez again found the near-end Feng Hill, and in this wave of attacks successfully won the touchdown, the score gap opened to 12 points two-ball right.