Honda Joan - Barreda fire full

  • Yong Yong BP team Yong 4 hours 10 minutes 17 seconds ranked 22nd stage, the total score rose to 24th. He Zhitao brave brigade team getting better, the 34th stage of LOLGA this stage.

    Moto group, Honda Joan - Barreda fire full, leading KTM team Waukesa 10 minutes and 26 seconds to win the game, the success of the 22-minute total score gap narrowed to more than 7 minutes, once lost the hope of winning Spaniards re-see the first Dakar rally championship dawn.

    Beijing tonight, the drivers will finally leave Peru's desert nightmare. But Dakar will not be easy on this. After the Arequipa - La Paz stage, this Dakar will usher in the only day off. You can breathe a little in the capital of Bolivia.