Jackson wrote on his personal Twitter account

  • Jackson wrote on his personal Twitter account: "In the days of Louisville, I made a lot of good memories of my life, surrounded by the best professors, coaches, coaches, trainers, athletes and fans in America I feel very happy, and with their help I grew up not only as a quarterback, but also as a teammate, a student, or even a man. "


    Jackson was the first player in the history of the NFL to finish at least 3500 yards passing and 1500 yards running for two consecutive seasons. In the meantime, he maintained a history record of Madden Coins Louisville University with a total of 13,175 yards offensive yardage, 4132 yards running ball forward yardage, 50 running ball touchdowns and 119 total touchdowns.


    As the final candidate for the 2017 Heisman Award, Jackson finished third in the final ballot. According to the evaluation of the authority of the draft experts, Jackson ranked seventh in this rookie quarterback.