The continuous improvement of the Indian power

  • "I am very pleased to be able to get such a good opportunity. The continuous improvement of the Indian power in the previous seasons made me very proud to be a part of this brigade. I hope I can do my part to help India's power to narrow down with the leading group "The three riders, including Hockenberger, Di Resta and Bianchi, who once came from India, won the race for their F1 career.


    Three-time F1 world champion La Piquet recently expressed his serious prejudice against Alonso, Brazilians believe that Alonso's team will eventually escape a messy ending. Piquet believes that although Alonso is a very good driver, but his fault-provoking personality will eventually make a team panic, the meritorious officials have to leave.


    "Alonso was a driver who had the chance to win five world championships, but he himself ruined the potential. The teams he was driving into were all mixed up because he was extremely limited Spirit of cooperation at work.I think he should join a team patience, humble way to grow together with the entire team, and ultimately to the road to victory.