I just wanted to know why Calderon shouted

  • Durant added: "We all tried to NBA Live Coins play interesting and exciting games, and that is what we should do." But after this confrontation, it was Durant teammate Deborah Green - once ate Technical foul, and this is because he asked a question that should not be asked.


    "I just wanted to know why Calderon shouted in front of the referee without getting a technical foul, which was crazy for me," Green said. "That looks like a quarrel between the referee and the manager , But it was the same for me, but he was not punished, he returned to his own resting place, and I was wondering how he had returned to the restless area in such a way that I was not sure, but I did eat it right away A technical foul. "Green also believes Durant's point of view, he told ESPN. "I saw what Cavaliers did, but I also did not want to win in that way."