I participated in eight games

  • 2018 season, Pierre - Gasley and Brandon - Hartley will usher in a real chance of LOLGA performance in the F1 arena, even with the Honda engine people inevitably put on the Red Bull team's performance marked with a question mark, Hartley still Think that experience makes it easy to cope with the busy schedule at the end of the season.


    Hartley said: "This year's season, I participated in eight games for eight consecutive weeks, maybe 8,9 years ago, I simply can not handle so many tasks, but now I am more experienced, I know How should I relieve the stress and manage everything? Next season is my first full season as a Formula One driver and I'm ready for the bigger challenge I'm excited and optimistic about.The much-anticipated F2 World Championship, how Ferrari youth driver Charles Lecleck can play at the new Alfa Romeo-Sauber, is equally worth the wait.