Mendieta indeed superior temperament

  • Mendieta indeed superior temperament, in the interview process he acts as Senna's translation, elegant manner, courteous. In the eyes of reporters, these two where the former star, is simply two university professors, especially Senna, retired has been with a pair of academic glasses, exudes a literary atmosphere. Mendella first laughed, and then translated to FIFA Coins listen to Senna, Senna, after knowing the way to let photographers Brother can bear to forgive.


    Finally, we will introduce two Chinese friends, Pantic and Canute, both of whom have a brief football experience in China. Pantic was the head coach of the Central Asian soccer team at the beginning of 2016 and was furious after eight games. The Serb left the famous remarks that "the player is filming and playing fake." However, He mentioned the experience of China, he was very excited, with strenuous English said: "very happy, very interesting period of experience, the Chinese people need the mass base of football, football schools need to emerge, so genius can emerge." Change the nature of "gag", shaking around before and after a while, playing with the microphone for a while, for a while to answer for Pantanti, do not know whether his famous model wife is valued naughty.