Manchester United is now facing the main force

  • Not long ago, Manchester United star Gary Neville made it clear that since the reigning hero Alex Ferguson retired, the Red Devils do very poor signings, the team is always difficult to FIFA 18 Coins buy a real high-level players. To be fair, Neville's remarks were not 100% true during the last few years of Ferguson's coaching for Manchester United. The Jazz did not renew and replace his midfielder position. However, even so, the outside world still firmly supports the Red Devils legend's criticism of the club.


    Manchester United is now facing the main force, the bench strength difference is too large, at any position within the Red Devils team, the gap between the best and worst players are very huge. On the contrary city rivals Manchester City, Guardiola calmly Bernardo - Silva placed on the bench, and the player absolutely have any other giants in the team play a dominant personal ability.