Recall Maldonados five-year F1 career

  • Since Maldonado first entered Formula One in 11 years, Petrobras has been heavily subsidized by his team. In 2016, Luteus was acquired by Renault and Renault will return to F1 with the manufacturer fleet. Renault's "Queen's" oil partner was Total in France, so PDSVA could not sponsor Renault, and Maldonado was also forced to FM7 Credits lose the driver's seat. Recall Maldonado's five-year F1 career, in addition to 12 years won the Spanish station crown, the more impressed fans is that he in the game a variety of unreasonable and triggered a large number of track accidents Behavior, but also in 14 years of Bahrain on the Sauber Gutierrez performed a shovel, in order to "polo" title.


    15 years Sauber was sponsored by the famous Swedish company Tetra Pak Tetra Pak is the production of Tetra Pak packaging throughout our lives and has been acquired by Swiss Longbow Financial. In 16 years, the convoy, controlled by the Swedish company Tetra Pak, bought the convoy with the team in financial trouble and unable to pay their wages. As we all know, the backing behind this company is also the personal sponsor of Erikson. That's why Eriksson, the only driver of the season, is still in the spotlight for Sauber next year.