The second section back

  • The Indiana expedition, James came up to NBA Live Coins pass the ball, but unfortunately his teammates feel poor, the team more than 5 minutes before only 7 points. 6 minutes 48 seconds before the end of the first section, James had the first shot, he missed a layup, but immediately jumped to grab offensive rebounds, tipped success.


    After the opening, the first 1 minute 24 seconds, Evans assists, small Gasol three-point shot hit. 5 minutes and 24 seconds, Brooks foul Detrozan shot, give the Raptors a free throw. 9 minutes and 6 seconds, Ennis appeared pass errors, steals by DeRozan. Grizzlies played smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 9 assists, of which one small Gasol sent his teammates twice. Grizzlies this section feel quite good, the team shot 73.68% shooting, compared with the Raptors 39.13% better, of which only Gasol 9 points this section. The first section of the Battle, the field score is 34-25, 9 points ahead of the Grizzlies.


    The second section back, the first 37 seconds, Myers fouled shots in McLeod, gave the Grizzlies a free throw opportunity. The first minute 17 seconds, Wanlitre mistakes, steals by Evans. The first 10 minutes and 37 seconds, Harrison sent an exquisite pass, Ennis hit a one-third long shot. Grizzlies play smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 10 assists, of which Harrison sent a teammate for four passes. Halftime, the field score is 62-57, Grizzlies leading 5 points.