Although now there is no Brown in the Maranello

  • Although now there is no Brown in the Maranello, Lowe this politician-style technology chiefs, there is no Newey, Ellison such a genius, only an unknown group of native engineers, technicians, but the civilian population of technology Instead, the team burst out a strong ability and sustained research and development. However, after all, a spark plug of 52 euros will Ferrari all hope to be torched.


    For Mercedes, it is more prouder to dominate Formula One than Ferrari for the fourth consecutive year to defeat the recovery this year. Mercedes blew out a single man to complete the feat of having all two cars finish points in all 20 games and Botas was traumatized after Spain collided with Lychninin.


    However, Mercedes-Benz's reliability is evident when the power units of the other three engine suppliers are frequently failing. The number of power units available for each car in the 2018 season will be reduced to three throughout the year, and industry technicians believe current Mercedes power units are already sufficient to complete 21 games if they are willing to sacrifice power.