At the news conference after the game

  • In fourth gear, Vents completes the aerial connection with team receiver Alfonson-Jeffrey and gives the Hawks the go-ahead score.After scoring, Wentz immediately went into the medical tent at the side of the court and was inspected by a paramedic and walked quickly to the locker room with the help of a staff member. Eagles substitute quarterback Nick - Falls also immediately with center Jason - Kelsey kick-off training, and eventually replace Vents vacancies.


    The Eagles soon announced that Winz would not make another appearance because of a left knee injury. A reporter witnessed the Hawks more than medical staff out of Madden Coins the locker room, shaking his head again and again.


    At the news conference after the game, Hawks coach Doug Peterson said he was not aware of any details of Wentz's injury and that everything would be clear until Vince returned to Philadelphia tomorrow for MRI.