Station stage last night

  • Station stage last night, both are confident to beat the opponent. Bell also talked about the possibility that the Tigers could ferociously verbally attack the celebrations of their brother Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuster, after Zhu Jiudi was later mimicked by AJ Green's back-smashing Jay Rumsey That set of actions, Bell explained, this is just a celebration of action only, and no malice.


    "I think the game will be very interesting on Monday night," Bell said. "We were just trying to celebrate. We did not want to LOLGA attack them or stimulate A.J. Greene. We just thought the action was very interesting. That was the truth."


    The first round of the Battle of Steel Tiger conflict on the pitch constantly, filled with smell of gunpowder, Bell and Mickelson's shout made the second round of the contest between the two sides rattling, looking forward to the strong dialogue between the two running back.