These drinks make the least amount of pimples

  • Hand on heart, as healthy as we live and keep us fit with smoothies and workouts - one or two glasses may be on the weekend ever. Even if a drink in the first moment brings color in the face - at the latest the next day the receipt comes with nasty pimples and pale skin.

    Fortunately, there are differences - not every drink provides the same popping alarm. It always depends on the sugar content and the additives. For example, alcopops, energy drinks or sweet-and-sweet cocktails only make things worse - even the hangover. Cocktails with salt on top make for swelling and dry out the skin.

    Yes, sometimes there is something in those old sayings. In the forefront in terms of pure-skin-despite-alcohol is definitely vodka . The best way to drink with cranberry juice, then it will not be a sugar bomb. Or, of course, vodka soda - there is virtually nothing added here.

    If you like to drink a glass of wine with your girls , dry red wine is the most skin-friendly. It contains the anti-aging booster Resveratrol and lots of antioxidants. He also scores with a low sugar content. Cheers!

    One more hint about the amount: The most damaging thing about your skin seems to be binge drinking, this interval drinking makes your skin age a lot. So whoever gives full throttle on the weekend, brollopsklanningar, harms his skin more than someone who only drinks two glasses of wine for dinner. Alcohol consumption has also been shown to increase oxidative stress in the skin and shorten telomeres (these are the protective structures at the end of our chromosomes). Experts recommend staying non-alcoholic for at least three to four days in between. Your skin is looking forward to a non-alcoholic month!