Is air pollution taking a toll on your vision?

  • It is not just the heart or the lungs, that are knocked out of functioning because of pollution. Doctors are reporting an increase in eye-related complaints arising from pollution. A lot of people suffer from dry eyes condition caused due to a high level of pollution. The problem is so severe that people fear that pollution can also lead to the worst of all aliment: vision loss.


    People in the age group of 20-40 years suffer the most from watery eyes, redness, and itchiness. Pollutants are allergic to eyes even for a short-term contact. In short-term exposure itself, pollutants can lead to red eyes and watery eyes. Prolonged exposure can damage the outermost layer of the eye, causing severe vision issues.Toxic material and fumes deposits of the tear film and can lead to severe vision issues. It can affect their productivity at work also. The people of the same age group are the ones who undertake Contoura treatment for the betterment of their vision. Contoura laser treatment can solve the major vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia etc, but the major eye related problem of dry eyes and eye infection is still present in the city’s air.

    This problem cannot be cured unless the air is purified. The only reason for such eye infection is dust and pollution. Eye drops and antibiotics can be a temporary fix to these issues, but the only way to get rid of this problem is by improving the quality of the air.

    Besides air pollution, technologically addictive habits of children are also taking a toll on their vision. Most of the children in school suffer from common vision problems because of overuse of technology. Small kids suffer from dry eye. The number of kids wearing spectacles in the classroom has drastically increased. This problem can affect the productivity of students at school and can interfere with their learning process. Contoura laser treatment can be done only after 18 years of age, till then those kids can’t get rid of bulky spectacles.

    Contoura treatment is a far fix, but there are a lot of basic things that people can do to take care of your vision. To avoid eye infection, the simplest thing to do is wear sunglasses. Avoid rubbing eyes if they are itching. For avoiding spectacles or eye number, avoid long hours on the computer, give proper rest to your eyes, make sure you don’t continuously stare at the screen for long hours. Look away from the screen for 5 minutes for maintaining healthy eyes. Even after contoura laser treatment, you need to take care of your eyes to avoid complications.