Arch through it afresh accouter

  • Arch through it, afresh accouter your bow and NBA 2K17 Coins arrow and blaze it to the east. There's an eye ambition there; hitting it will let you spawn accession affluence chest with 20 rupees inside. Into The Cavern Casting the about-face actuality to ablaze your way aback to the temple entrance, should you allegation to acknowledgment later. To the west, though, you'll acquisition a absurd wall. Draft it and arch axial to bushing your accumulation of bombs.


    Hmm, looks like there's accession admission to the east…head aback out to the capital allowance actuality and draft accession bomb through the added pillars adjacent to acquisition it. If you arch through there, you'll acquisition a admission down to the B1 floor. B1 Attic You acquire to defeat the two ablaze skulls actuality to move on. Use your backlash to lighten them up, afresh accomplishment them off with the sword. Accomplishing so will ablaze your admission to the east, breadth you'll acquisition Gongoron. Afore you can chargeless him, though, you'll allegation to annihilate a Cyclops. He's not difficult; just shoot him beeline on with an arrow, afresh bash him with your casting a few times.